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Heart Of Worship                                                Page Added July 2013

Hi Guys - Thanks for stopping in to check this out.  Today's Date is July 24, 2013.  A little bit ago, I was Praising God in my Bed Room - All by myself.  I was Singing & Playing 'Majesty' on the Guitar.  Simply an Unplugged Electric Guitar & my voice.  


I stretched it out for about 15 minutes.  After I finished playing the Song,  I felt this Amazing Presence.  It was as though God was Physically in the Bed Room with me.  I'm still in the process of developing my Singing Voice.  So - It wasn't the Greatest.  However - I was giving my Best to God.  And, that was all that mattered. 


This page is going to be on having a 'Heart Of Worship'.  At this point in my life, I've played Instruments for 17 years.  I say Instruments due to being able to play Guitar, Bass & Keyboards.  Anyway - I just want to share some of my Experience in playing with Praise Teams.

-------What better way to do it than -- right here, right now??? 




Let's start with looking at - What is Worship?              According to Wikipedia...

Worship is an act of Religious Devotion, usually directed towards a Deity.  The word is derived from the Old English - worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship-- to give, at its simplest, worth to something. 



Having a 'Heart Of Worship' isn't about performing the best you can, to help the congregation. Having a 'Heart Of Worship' is about focusing your Music (vocally or instrument) towards God. It's as though God is 'Physically' in the room.  The Praise is completely for Him.  

--This will allow you to Play with the same Emotion, whether you're by yourself or in front of 500+ people. 



From here going forward-- you'll find ideas, tips & tricks designed to help in wholeheartedly Worshiping God.  This comes from me (Eric Robinson), as what I do.  Not saying this is the Best for you.  But, it has been what has worked for me.




#1 - Simplify Things.  Try to play your instrument with very little effort.  Meaning - Play your instrument, so that it sounds good.  But, put more focus to who your playing Music for.


#2 - Picture God in your Mind.  Try to picture God in the room & you are singing or playing specifically for Him.  If it's easier, use a Mental Picture of Jesus.   Whatever is easier for you, is Best.  Don't complicate things.


#3 - Do your Best to focus on who you're Playing (or Singing) for, instead of what you're Playing (or Singing).  It's OK to get lost in Worship & far more valuable than trying to get every part of the song perfect.


#4 - Applause - The Applause at the end of the song, should always be for God.  I had a HUGE problem with this in my earlier years as a Guitarist.  After a song was finished & the Congregation would Applaud, I'd usually look at that as though they were giving me Praise - It felt Good to me.

--Mentally - After the song is finished say 'This is for you, God'.



These are 4 Things that I do on a regular basis.  They help me to focus my Praise towards God and not take credit for my God Given Talents.  Anytime I play Music, it's to Praise God.  However - This is me, you might be different.


If you want more information on this Topic - please look online for additional sources.  There is quite a bit that can help.