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New Blog Intro -&- How to Buy a Decent Guitar for under $300

Posted by Eric Robinson on July 5, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Hi Guys-

Over the years of Playing Guitar, I've learned TONS of things about how to Buy Music Equipment (Guitars/Amps/Effects Pedals) for Inexpensive.  This Blog is going to be geared specifically towards Buying Good Gear for Cheap.



Many people don't have the ability to spend over $500.00 on a single Guitar.  I going to be offering information that I've learned for the next few Blogs. 




How to Buy a Decent/Quality Guitar for under $300.00


I (like many Guitarist) have always thought Highly on American Made Brands like Fender, Gibson, Martin & Taylor.  The only issue is that American Made Guitars by these Brands are easily $700.00+, for the Cheap Models.  Then, if you ever NEEDED to sell them to either Upgrade to another Guitar or for Financial Reasons - You usually Lose a lot of Money.  I have found that if you Buy 'Less Expensive Equipment', you'll make all/most of your money back


Over the years, I've bought & sold over 10 Guitars.  I learned that it is Really Hard to Sell a Guitar for over $300.00, even if the Guitar is worth more than $600.00.  Most people just don't have $400.00+ to buy a Guitar.


It's a Good to Buy Guitars/Equipment with the Mind Set that 1 Day, you'll probally Sell it.  With that said, Buying Used Guitars is a Great Way to start.  When you buy Used Guitars, the Original Purchaser takes the hit.  People are always trying to sell Music Equipment.  So, it's not hard to find what your looking for.  Keep in Mind, you might not get the Exact Guitar that you had in mind.  But more than likely, you'll get something similar to the Guitar that you had your mind on - For Much Cheaper!!!


The Lesson for Today - Buying Used Guitars will allow you to get a Guitar for much Cheaper than New.  Buy 'Guitars' with the realization that, at some point you will 'Sell the Guitar'.  When you Sell the Guitar, you want to try to get ALL of your Money back.  That being said - Don't focus on Buying a Specific Brand of Guitar.  There are Quality Guitars for Decent Prices - Focus on the Sound the Guitar produces, Instead of a Brand Name.

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