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About this Ministry

I want to Start by 'Thanking You' for coming to Check Out this Ministry.  

This Ministry was started due to wanting to get involved with every Music Ministry that I came in contact with.  There is a need in Children, Youth, Homeless Shelters, Homes for Elderly, Church Praise Teams and many other Ministries.  I felt 'Led' to supply the Tools needed, to Praise God through use of the Guitar. 



Let me tell you a bit about me... 

My name is Eric "Robbie" Robinson.  I have played Guitar for roughly 15 years at the conception, of this Music Ministry.  I've played in Praise & Worship Teams, Christian Rock Bands, Secular Rock Bands (prior to becoming a strong follower of Christ), and Music Ministries.  

Through most of my Musical career, I've been involved in creating Original Christian Rock. 


I've spent many years in training, learning the in's & out's on the Easiest Ways to play the Guitar.   After spending a few years teaching training classes, I decided to teach Guitar to help people Praise God.  This is something I Love.  I Love Praising God!



*Interesting* things about this Music Ministry -

I don't have any Professional Website Building training.  I don't have any Professional Recording Experience.  I don't have anything that would Qualify me to do the work, that I've done on here.


Of & by myself, I'm not the Greatest Guitar Player.  The only way that I was able to put all of this together, was through the...

*Power Of God*.  


God has enabled me to put this together.  Somehow, I simply knew what to do.  I haven't been Trained on any of this.  I have 'No Experience' on doing, what I'm doing.  If you want to know 'How' I did all this -   God has given me abilities, that are Beyond my own abilities.   God can give you Abilities that are Beyond your own, when Learning to play the Guitar, as well.  


Pray that God will send his Angels to Play through you.  This has helped me out, more times than I can count.  There have been times where I have been instructed that I needed to learn a Song on a moments notice.  After 'Praying',  *God, Please allow your Angels to Play through me - I don't know this song*.  Somehow - I always did things really well.  Things sounded Perfect!!!


God can do that for you too, if you allow him to.   If you haven't asked God to help you in Learning to Play the Guitar, Ask Him - God wants to see you Succeed!!!  He'll give you the Abilities that are Way Beyond your own, to help you to Succeed.   


Ministry GOAL - Get as many Christians as possible to Praise God, with use of the Guitar. 

The Main Focus -  Give the 'Tools', needed to join a Praise Team, Christian Band or other Ministry of your choice.  I take a very simple approach that seems to work very well.  

I Pray these teachings Bless you, in ways I can't describe.






These are various Pictures of Eric Robinson with Guitars.

The Kids in the Pictures, are my Kids.  Aubrey Robinson (at age 5)  &  Alex Robinson (at age 3).

        --------I'm Very Proud of them!!!------- 




  If there is areas that I can give additional information - feel free to e-mail me.

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