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Thanks for stopping by to check out this website.  Through these Lessons, you will find all the Tools you need to play the Guitar with others in a Group Setting.  I designed this series of Lessons to be done as '1 Lesson A Week'.  It you are consistent with Daily Practice & Following these Lessons - You will gain all the skills needed to play with a Praise Team or Group of your choosing.....In 3 Months!

Daily Practice can be as little as 5 Minutes before bed, if needed.  Simply Remember, you will get out of Guitar - What you put into it.  If you want to get really good with Playing the Guitar, there is no substitute for Practice.  Lightning Fast Chord Changes only come from Practice. 

---Best Of Luck in your Journey to become a Guitarist! 




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Free Christian Guitar Lesson - From the Pew to the Praise Team in 3 Months

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